Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cessna 152 Brake

5. BRAKE SYSTEM: The hydraulic brake system is comprised of two master cylinders located
immediately forward of the pilot's rudder pedals, brake lines and hose connecting each master cylinder to its wheel brake cylinder and the single-disc floating cylinder-type brake assembly. located at each main landing gear wheel.

6. BRAKE MASTER CYLINDERS. The brake master cylinders, located immediately forward of the pilot's rudder pedals are actuated by applying pressure at the top of the rudder pedals. A small reservoir is incorporated into each master cylinder for the fluid supply. When dual brakes are installed mechanical linkage permits the copilot pedals to operate the master cylinders

The parking brake system consists of a control knob on the instrument panel which is connected to linkage at the brake master cylinders. At the brake master cylinders, the control operates locking plates which trap pressure in the system after the master cylinder piston rods have been depressed by toe operation of the rudder pedals. To release the parking brake, depress the pedals and push the control knob full in.

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