Saturday, September 8, 2012


Cessna 152 : The parking brake system consists of a control knob on the instrument panel which is connected to linkage at the brake master cylinders. At the brake master cylinders, the control operates locking plates which trap pressure in the system after the master cylinder piston rods have been depressed by toe operation of the rudder pedals. To release the parking brake, depress the pedals and push the control knob full in.

PARKING. Parking precautions depend principally on local conditions. As a general precaution, set parking brake or chock the wheels and install the controls lock. In severe
weather and high wind conditions, tie down the aircraft as outlined in paragraph 2-7 of AMM  if a hangar is not available.

Parking Brake :It is applied by depressing both toe brakes and then pulling the "Park Brake" lever to the pilot’s left. The toe brakes are then released but pressure is maintained in the system thereby leaving both brakes engaged

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