Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Carburator Replacement

CARBURATOR : A single barrel float-type up-draft carburetor is installed on the engine. The carburetor is equipped with a manual mixtre control and an idle cut-off. 
a. Place fuel shut-off valve in the OFF position.
b. Remove engine cowling 
c. Drain fuel from strainer and lines with strainer drain control.
d. Disconnect throttle and mixture controls at carburetor. Note the EXACT position,size and number of washers and spacers for reference on reinstallation.
e.Disconnect and cap or plug fuel line at carburetor.
f. Remove induction airbox
g. Remove nut and washer attaching carburetor to intake manifold and remove carburetor.
h. Reverse the preceding steps for reinstallion Use new gaket between carburetor and intake manifold Check carburetor throttle arm to idle stop arm attachment for security and proper safetying at each normal engine inspection 

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