Monday, December 7, 2015

Lycoming Maintenance Publications

           REASON FOR REVISION: Make it easier to find publications (Instructions for Continued Airworthiness) for certified Lycoming engines models
           NOTICE: Incomplete review of all the information in this document can cause errors. Read the entire Service Letter to make sure you have a complete understanding of the requirements.For ease of reference, this revision of this Service Letter now identifies associated publications and Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICAs) to install, operate, service, and maintain certified Lycoming engines by engine model in Table 1. If you cannot find a publication for a specific engine model, contact Lycoming Technical Publications Support Representative +1 (570) 327-7274 for assistance.
Hardcopy publications identified in this Service Letter are available for purchase direct from Lycoming Engines or through authorized Lycoming Engines’ distributors. Electronic copies of the same publications identified herein are available from either vendors: ATP or TData.
          NOTICE: Prices of publications herein are in U.S. Dollars, Payment by check, money order, or charge card must be in U.S. dollars when ordering directly from the factory. Prices and availability can change.
          NOTICE: All Lycoming publications are copyrighted works and cannot be printed or released as electronic media without prior permission of Lycoming Engines.
As Lycoming Engines continues to update and improve its technical publications for its legacy engines, new types of manuals will be available as defined below:
 Installation and Operation Manual.
 Service Manual
 Maintenance Manual
All current manual types in this Service Letter available for purchase are defined below:
 Operator’s Manual contains information about engine operation for various engine models. Some manuals contain engine installation instructions. All manuals are used in conjunction with the aircraft owner’s manual. When ordering the manual, supply the complete engine model number.
 Installation and Operation Manual contains system description, uncrating procedures, acceptance check, engine lift procedure, engine preservation and storage, engine installation requirements, engine installation, engine start, operation, and stop procedures, pre-flight test, operational test, and fuels to be used, as well as operating specifications.
 Service Manual contains required maintenance, service information for oil changes, oil addition, oil pressure screen cleaning, oil filter replacement, routine time-interval inspections, routine service, spark plug replacement/inspection procedures, cylinder inspection, fuel system inspection, and scheduled servicing procedures.
 Maintenance Manual contains procedures for engine disassembly, engine assembly, fault isolation, and component replacement. Refer to the applicable parts catalog to identify spare parts.
 Maintenance/Overhaul Manual contains general information about engine maintenance for various engine models. Some manuals also include maintenance and overhaul information. While other manuals contain only overhaul information. When ordering the manual, supply the complete engine model number.
 Direct Drive Overhaul Manual contains information for general overhaul procedures and guidelines for legacy engines.
 Overhaul Manuals (for specific engine series) contains information for general overhaul procedures, applicable to the engine series.
 Parts Catalogs contain illustrations to identify parts. A referenced numerical index is also included. Price includes latest published supplements. When ordering the parts catalog, supply the complete engine model number.
NOTICE: For a list of active and inactive service documents (Service Bulletins, Service Instructions, and Service Letters) as supporting ICA information, refer to the latest revision of SSP-112 (identified in this Service Letter and available for purchase).

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