Friday, July 25, 2014

Cylinder Dehydrator Plug

At 15-day maximum intervals, a periodic check should be made of the cylinder dehydrator plugs and desic-cant. When the color of the desiccant has turned from blue to pink the preservation procedure must be repeated.
Lycomong SL180 Engine Preservation for Active and Stored Aircraft
             If the aircraft is stored in a region of high humidity, or near a sea coast, it is better to use dehydrator plugs instead of merely replacing the spark plugs as directed. Cylinder dehydrator plugs, MS-27215-2 or equivalent may be used.
   Preferably before the engine has cooled, install small bags of desiccant in exhaust and intake ports and seal with moisture impervious material and pressure sensitive tape. Any other opening from the engine to the atmosphere, such as the breather, and any pad from which an accessory is removed, should likewise be sealed.
Desiccant may be obtained through a Textron Lycoming distributor using the following part numbers:
Part No. 40249 = 1/2 lb. Desiccant
Part No. 40249-1 = 1 lb. Desiccant
Part No. 40249-2 = 1/8 lb. Desiccant
Part No. 40249-3 = 1/4 lb. Desiccant

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