Saturday, December 1, 2012

E-Drive Starter Features:

Immune to Kick-Back Damage 
»No Shear Pin costs here! Perfect spin
» Sweet spot engine starts. Does not drain your power like other starters.
Lightweight » Only 9.5 lbs.
No mechanical Bendix
Electromechanical solid-state solenoid
Powerful Permanent Magnet » High Torque Performance
Easy Installation » Lycoming engines
Tough » Tested under the most extreme environmental conditions
FAA/PMA approved
2 Year Unlimited Hours Warranty
Aviation Designed & Developed - No Automotive Aftermarket Parts Used!
Low Current Draw
12 volt or 24 volt
Superior Duty Cycle
TBO Starter - Capable of providing Maintenance Free service to your engine's TBO... and beyond.

Solid-State Solenoid Control
The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) solenoid controller uses the latest in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) components. Each control is environmentally hardened and tested under the most extreme conditions. The field serviceable unit eliminates mechanical contacts for improved reliability and longer life. Monitoring the health status of the engine, starter, battery, and operational duty cycle will soon become a reality through enhancements to our proprietary solenoid control system.

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